General Information


The receptionist will ask to verify your insurance information, address, and telephone number
at the time you check in for your appointment. This is necessary in order to correctly process
your insurance claim.

We are contracted with many insurance carriers.

In most cases, we will bill your insurance company or health plan. You are responsible for payment
of your deductible, co-pay, and any non-covered services. These charges need to be paid at the time
of the office visit. If you have any questions about the billing process, please call our billing department
at (505) 855-5525.


Your medicine may be an important part of your treatment. It is vital that you understand as much as possible
about your medicines, and that you take them properly.
1. Learn the name and dose of each medicine you are taking. If you cannot remember this, keep a list with you
at all times, or bring your medications with you to each office visit.
2. Never stop taking a regular medication without checking with the physician first.
3. If you think you may be having a serious side effect from a medicine, call right away.
4. Plan ahead. Make sure you have enough medication to last until your next appointment.
If you are taking a trip out of town, take along an ample supply of medicine.

Prescription Refills

Your provider will always try to prescribe enough medication to last until your next regular appointment. If you run out of medicine, it usually means you are late for your appointment. If you need a refill please call your pharmacy and ask them to send a refill request to our office. Please allow up to one week for the request to be processed. Antibiotics and narcotics will never be prescribed over the phone.


Appointments are made by dialing our main number, 505-855-5525, and selecting option 1 to speak with our scheduling department. If you have an urgent problem that cannot wait until a routine appointment time, please tell the scheduler so that we can arrange to have you seen as soon as possible. During the flu season we do offer a flu shot clinic each Thursday from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm (subject to change). This clinic is for established patients to walk-in for a flu shot.


If you think you need a referral to another physician for a consultation, you must first make an appointment to see your primary care physician for evaluation. If a referral is necessary, we will contact your health plan within a few days. You need to call the office of the consulting physician to arrange the appointment. If you wish to confirm that your referral went through, then the day before your appointment you can call the physician to whom you were referred, or you can call your health plan directly. Referrals will be made by phone only in cases of emergencies. *Referral requirements are dependent on Health Plan Benefits.